Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is when I went to the science museum. My mom she taught me how to do this at the science museum and you have to put one hand up and one foot up.

This is my mom and this is where the butterflies live, there are tons of butterflies. And you should come to Seattle to come to the science museum with me and see the butterflies. They are so beautiful butterflies.

This is my friend Jake and me. He is my best friend. He was Batman for Halloween. And me and him went into a maze at a pumpkin patch. He is my best friend. My friend Jake and me.

Here are my friends and teacher Kathy, my teacher. I love all my friends and mostly I love my friends and I go to pre-school instead of Joy School now. I've been growing up with my friends and my friends are my favorite. And we are finding worms that are in the soil dirt.
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