Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Flowers Are Dead

My flowers were in the dirt at first. And then they started to grow, I didn't water them for a few days. So I watered them for a couple days and they growed and growed. And then the sun hit the flowers and they started to get a little old. And then they were dead.

And my knee is skinned from the Costco parking lot. And it was all bloody. One time when I was at Zoe's house and I was in the back yard and I fell down and then I had another owie and had blood all the way to my ankle and that's all. Don't write that's all OK? don't write that.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Me & Amy

This is Amy and me. And this is when we went swimming I was in the pool for 6 hours! And I jumped off the diving board and that is where the deep was and I did it a lot of times and now I'm not scared to jump off the diving board anymore. I was at my friends' house and they're called Tadd and Julie.
Me and Amy are cowgirls.