Monday, March 16, 2009

A Story of princesses, aprons and a ballerina

That picture is cute and I like it and Addi Wood loves it.
It is a picture of my Daddy holding my apron that is mine.
I like the way apples and lady bugs are my favorite

I love my dance bag it's so cute and also my mama loves it.
My ballet shoes so I can dance if I didn't have ballet shoes what should I do?

Princesses are beautiful and they are very kind and mean witches make them die.
And that's not nice for witches to kill princesses.

I like Zoe so much and I love swimming with Zoe every time I go to Coco Keys.
And I like when I play with Zoe every single time.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

dot slash?

This is Addi's blog, so please enjoy it. This is a very funny blog. This is my picture and I hope you will enjoy this. It is "The Sea of the Land of the World. There is a fish, a crab, some sea plants, a shark, and a sea horse, and this a small fish-worm.