Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Rug Addi Making

This is the frabric that I got from Mom. My mother of course. Cry for joy. I sewed it with a needle and green thread. That's all. You can do this too, just like check up on Addi's Fuzz Ball World and look on the first one that is new. SUPRISE Ashley Dahl. Surprise Surprise!!

It is a carpet for my Barbies I got the Barbies from Christmas I'm almost going to cry please! don't cry.

This is for my Barbies it didn't come with a rug if anybody can wink they can come to my house.
And I love my rug I hope everybody likes it. Come to my house to check it out, even far away people can come to my house in a airplane with their clothes in a back pack. You can sleep in my bed, only kids can sleep on my bed grownups can sleep on a mattress in my room. If it's a bigger family it can sleep with the parents and with me.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Flowers Are Poppies

This picture is so cute at the Frog Pond, I am sitting on the frog's lap. 'Cause it has a hole in it so you can sit on it.

I'm at the baseball game!! with my Grandma and Grandpa, my Grandma and Grandpa Wood. I just eat breakfast because of pancakes, one of my friends that lives with my Grandma and Grandpa ripped my picture of Star Wars. GOOOOOO baseball game!

I'm planting wild flowers for my Mom and I'm planting wild flowers for Ashley...Dahl. They are growing, they are growing taller, very tall. And they are half way tall. They're all sorts of different flowers.

Poppies are wild flowers I think they're going to grow in the thing, this is what they look like.
Ashley Dahl this is all for you. Go Angi's sister!
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