Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Golden Shoe Mystery

When I went to the mall with my friends my mom said that I could take some pictures. And I decided that I would take a picture of this golden shoe on this nutcracker but it wasn't small like other nutcrackers. It was big.
These are this is made out of wooden. These are ballerinas and I think it said that it was a show in the mall for ballerinas. Ballerinas are so beautiful even when they're in their costumes.
This is my friend. Her name is Kayleah. And she is my best friend, yesterday we made gingerbread houses, she was very silly. Because when I saw her when she was biting licorices to put on her house and it was so silly. The End.
This is a golden nutcracker. As you see it has a funny beard. booga booga.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is me and Hazel being funny faces. Hazel is my friend and we're at the starvation derby (demolition derby) It's kind of like a fair so me and Hazel and her brother played and at the starvation derby. And we cheered at the cars that were crashing into eachother. And we saw real trophies that were real and they are really shiny. Me and Hazel and Charlie's adventure to the starvation derby.
This is when I was horse riding at my aunts house, but really it's my grandma's house. And this is Hope. And she is a horse. And hope is a kind of name that is kind of like a fairy tale, like hope that the princess wakes up from the dead just like sleeping beauty. My adventure horseback riding, me and Hope.
This is one me and my mom and my dad were traveling to Seattle. And we stopped at Nauvoo. Nauvoo was a beautiful place because it had flowers, all sorts of kinds of flowers that you could see. And I got to see them. And I got to see lots of beautiful temples. And I got to see some statues. And this one is about horses. These men are riding horses and this story of the statue was in the olden days.
This is me and my aunt Haylee. She is in first grade and Jacob my uncle is in her school. And Jacob is a teen-ager. This is me and my aunt Haylee and what I like about my aunts that are all sorts of kind of names I like my aunts that its just like ants of a bug.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is when I went to the science museum. My mom she taught me how to do this at the science museum and you have to put one hand up and one foot up.

This is my mom and this is where the butterflies live, there are tons of butterflies. And you should come to Seattle to come to the science museum with me and see the butterflies. They are so beautiful butterflies.

This is my friend Jake and me. He is my best friend. He was Batman for Halloween. And me and him went into a maze at a pumpkin patch. He is my best friend. My friend Jake and me.

Here are my friends and teacher Kathy, my teacher. I love all my friends and mostly I love my friends and I go to pre-school instead of Joy School now. I've been growing up with my friends and my friends are my favorite. And we are finding worms that are in the soil dirt.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Flowers Are Dead

My flowers were in the dirt at first. And then they started to grow, I didn't water them for a few days. So I watered them for a couple days and they growed and growed. And then the sun hit the flowers and they started to get a little old. And then they were dead.

And my knee is skinned from the Costco parking lot. And it was all bloody. One time when I was at Zoe's house and I was in the back yard and I fell down and then I had another owie and had blood all the way to my ankle and that's all. Don't write that's all OK? don't write that.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Me & Amy

This is Amy and me. And this is when we went swimming I was in the pool for 6 hours! And I jumped off the diving board and that is where the deep was and I did it a lot of times and now I'm not scared to jump off the diving board anymore. I was at my friends' house and they're called Tadd and Julie.
Me and Amy are cowgirls.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Rug Addi Making

This is the frabric that I got from Mom. My mother of course. Cry for joy. I sewed it with a needle and green thread. That's all. You can do this too, just like check up on Addi's Fuzz Ball World and look on the first one that is new. SUPRISE Ashley Dahl. Surprise Surprise!!

It is a carpet for my Barbies I got the Barbies from Christmas I'm almost going to cry please! don't cry.

This is for my Barbies it didn't come with a rug if anybody can wink they can come to my house.
And I love my rug I hope everybody likes it. Come to my house to check it out, even far away people can come to my house in a airplane with their clothes in a back pack. You can sleep in my bed, only kids can sleep on my bed grownups can sleep on a mattress in my room. If it's a bigger family it can sleep with the parents and with me.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Flowers Are Poppies

This picture is so cute at the Frog Pond, I am sitting on the frog's lap. 'Cause it has a hole in it so you can sit on it.

I'm at the baseball game!! with my Grandma and Grandpa, my Grandma and Grandpa Wood. I just eat breakfast because of pancakes, one of my friends that lives with my Grandma and Grandpa ripped my picture of Star Wars. GOOOOOO baseball game!

I'm planting wild flowers for my Mom and I'm planting wild flowers for Ashley...Dahl. They are growing, they are growing taller, very tall. And they are half way tall. They're all sorts of different flowers.

Poppies are wild flowers I think they're going to grow in the thing, this is what they look like.
Ashley Dahl this is all for you. Go Angi's sister!
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Friday, April 3, 2009

My First Pocket

I made it it is a pocket and I did it with a needle and some yarn.
This was my first project sewing project.

I forgot what was in that pocket.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Story of princesses, aprons and a ballerina

That picture is cute and I like it and Addi Wood loves it.
It is a picture of my Daddy holding my apron that is mine.
I like the way apples and lady bugs are my favorite

I love my dance bag it's so cute and also my mama loves it.
My ballet shoes so I can dance if I didn't have ballet shoes what should I do?

Princesses are beautiful and they are very kind and mean witches make them die.
And that's not nice for witches to kill princesses.

I like Zoe so much and I love swimming with Zoe every time I go to Coco Keys.
And I like when I play with Zoe every single time.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

dot slash?

This is Addi's blog, so please enjoy it. This is a very funny blog. This is my picture and I hope you will enjoy this. It is "The Sea of the Land of the World. There is a fish, a crab, some sea plants, a shark, and a sea horse, and this a small fish-worm.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Title Addi Wood

I think it's so funny I really like it I like the picture I took of my mama. And that's a picture I love it reminds me of Madagascar
That picture of daddy is funny I love my dad so much, that's my favorite picture in the whole America world.

A Message From Addi

This is Addi's Fuzz Ball World, I wanted to start a blog because I feel left out. All my friend's have a blog so that is why I have Addi's Fuzz Ball World, go to Addi's fuzz ball World.
This picture is funny I like it, please say thank you.