Sunday, July 5, 2009

Me & Amy

This is Amy and me. And this is when we went swimming I was in the pool for 6 hours! And I jumped off the diving board and that is where the deep was and I did it a lot of times and now I'm not scared to jump off the diving board anymore. I was at my friends' house and they're called Tadd and Julie.
Me and Amy are cowgirls.


  1. Go Rock stars! Addi you Rock...You were teachinhg that diving board who was boss! You were probably jumping so high off that diving board you could see your house! I just think you are so awsome and LUCKY that you have cool friends that invite you to swim at their house ALL DAY LONG!

  2. so my darling little Adelaide I finally have figured out how to comment on a blog so I just want to tell you how adorable I think you are. Thank you for helping to take care of Amy while she is staying with you and for sharing your room. You both look like you had a fun day in the sun here.