Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Golden Shoe Mystery

When I went to the mall with my friends my mom said that I could take some pictures. And I decided that I would take a picture of this golden shoe on this nutcracker but it wasn't small like other nutcrackers. It was big.
These are this is made out of wooden. These are ballerinas and I think it said that it was a show in the mall for ballerinas. Ballerinas are so beautiful even when they're in their costumes.
This is my friend. Her name is Kayleah. And she is my best friend, yesterday we made gingerbread houses, she was very silly. Because when I saw her when she was biting licorices to put on her house and it was so silly. The End.
This is a golden nutcracker. As you see it has a funny beard. booga booga.

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  1. That was quite the mystery! If you didn't tell me that it was a Nutcracker shoe I would have never guessed! I thought that it could be a rock or a bowl or something crazy. I am so happy that you have a new friend in your primary class, and I am glad that she is silly and makes you laugh. It's always fun to have friends that you can laugh together with. That Nutcracker's head is HUGE how did you manage to take a picture of it?? You are an amazing photographer, and I would have to say an even better story-teller, you imagination is astounding!