Sunday, April 18, 2010


Silly Amy

My Friend's birthday.
We went to her favorite resturaunt and it was the Crab Pot.
Where we eat food that is from the sea.
Like crab and shrimp and salmon and sea shells.

Silly faces.
When me and my friend were at the Crab Pot my friend was making a funny face and I looked at her face when our cheeks were together
Best Friends!
We're together!

My shoes.
I got some new shoes, they weren't any ordinary shoes.
They were roller skates and before I went to bed I weared 'em and my mom took a picture of me in my roller skates.
Of course you can always see that they have flowers on them but I'm going to say that.
They have flowers on them.
Thank you for seeing Addi's Fuzz Ball World
Thank You.
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  1. I love your friend, you girls are so silly!! And your new unordinary shoes that have wheels and flowers!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!